Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Heard You Found a Wishing Well in the City

Yet another strange middle of the week post. I have very little time to speak --er, type-- today, but I will let you all know that I got the senior discount at the Rave theater with my brother and that I am very glad they are aware I am 55 or older. So, have any of you ever been mistaken for an age you are not, whether that mistake was younger or older than your actual age?

Dress: Charlotte Russe
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Clog heels: Luxe
Snake ring (go Slytherin, woo): gifted
Necklace: thrifted

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Animating Force Within Living Things

This week was, da da dummm, Spirit Week! And homecoming is Saturday night and it's all so very exciting, 'specially since I'm a little old senior in high school! Woe is me. Anyway, for this post, I decided to wait an entire week and gather up an abundance of pictures from the dress up days and montage them together here. So, hurr we go! Boom boom, firepower, baby.

Monday was nerd day. This was a fun day and fit the description of me quite well, snort snort. I already had everything I needed to dress up with this in my closet. That alone says a lot about myself. Like that I'm nerdy. Surprisingly enough, not many people really decided to comment on the day's outfit. I suppose my friends are used to seeing me in nonprescription glasses, high-waisted skirts and shorts, and these lurvely loafers. But it was truly amazing how many suspenders I saw that day. So. Many. Suspenders. I bet there were enough suspenders there that a giant suspender ball of doom could be made to wage war with the legendary giant rubber band ball.

Tuesday I was gone on a field trip, so no dressing up occurred. But that's all good and great, because Tuesday's dress up day of wearing your favorite football team jersey is a day that would not fancy my fancies anyway. Huzzah! On Wednesday, though, it was Rockstar Day. Awe yeah, rockstar. I went all out for this and attempted to look awesome with my crazy black hair, self-drawn tattoo, and shiny leggings. Besides looking badass, I also apparently delivered the feeling of apprehensive fear that in the hearts of many people as a result of my (attractive?) looks.

On the lovely day of Thursday, there was Decades Day. I was the 1920s! 1920s glamour, that is, darlings. Clamorous glamour, clamorous glamour that could not be stopped with a hammer. I felt pretty awesome all day up until my faux mole blob of paint thing decided to fall off my face somewhere between lunch and math, making me twenty-four percent less awesome. Touche, mole. Touche.

And finally, Friday was the wondrous class theme day, and for seniors, that meant it was Toga Day. It was not until I wore my elite toga that I truly felt like a senior. My toga is a bed sheet, my cape is curtain fabric, and my gold chain cape connector thingie majigger (such big and fancy words, I apologize) were made from two unused lion drawer knobs and gold chain. Oh, the things we have lying around in this house. I think my toga was my favorite outfit from the entire week.. it was very comfy, plus the entire day I had this intense superiority complex that made me feel like Caesar himself, and that the rest of the people in the world were peasants in my kingdom, ahahaha. I get so into character, I cannot help it.

..and that was Spirit Week! I think it was the funnest Spirit Week out of the four years of my high school career. Next post, I shall wear my dress from homecoming and show you guys my recently acquired first pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes (which I got for $40.00 less than they were on Modcloth, plus free shipping, awe yeah)! So many exciting things are happening right now. I do hope you all had a fabulous week, and an even more fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Crystal Which Held the World Intact

I'm not used to posting during the middle of the week. The middle of a school week. When there's school. And school is going on. And school will be going on tomorrow as well, and was going on the day before. Like, I'm gonna wake up tomorrow having to go to school. You see, on Wednesday mornings, our school works in the way that we go to school later, an hour and ten minutes later to be exact. It's very exciting but also very strange that I can wake up and take pictures at a time when I would normally already be at school. You know what? I'm just going to go do homework. This is too odd for me (but hopefully more outfit posts will occur on Wednesdays). Methinks it's time to take some government notes, yay laws!

Before I go, I shall ask you lovely people a question: what one is your favorite pieces of jewelry? I think one of mine is this necklace, 'cause I feel like after putting it on I'm the half blood prince or something.

Top: Bisou Bisou
Skirt: Mossimo via Target
Belt: Fossil, thrifted for $3 (awuh yeah)
Shoes: Chelsea Crew
Necklace: a little vender in Rock City

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Number 51

This is another one of those pictures taken when I was bored in the looming hours of the night and found makeup conveniently located in the area which I was being bored in. One day, I'll get one of those makeup pallets that are stocked to the brim with ridiculously magical colors and I'll have the prime time of my life turning my face into a majestic sea sponge type creature. That'll be the day.

After taking this picture, I have concluded that I posses the rare but fabled ability of shower curtain stealth mode. You see, I didn't even have to increase the brightness that much in order to make my face blend in with the white shower curtain behind me, which enlightened me since I felt that my sun avoidance techniques had finally paid off. Do any of you have a unique ability that only people like you and I are able to appreciate?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Valium Colored Skies

Dear friends, today I haven't much to say,
for I must fly so soon away
to a place where I can soon discover,
determine, and hopefully, uncover
my favorite candy that I like to eat
that tastes nothing of boiled beets
but resembles an explosion of sugary crows
whilst playing together on fancy game shows.
Today a dragonfly landed on me,
upon my finger, and I felt so free.
So off, I am off, I bid you adieu,
and here's your advice: do not eat bamboo.

Top: Worthington
Skirt: Ann Taylor, thrifted
Necklace: Forever 21
Heels: Chelsea Crew, gifted